online training platforms


Promote your education to online training platforms

In general, when online courses are presented, they are developed on virtual platforms consisting of the amount of didactic content and professional materials, which work on numerous occasions for the learning of the student, worker, unemployed and teacher who wants to start in the specialties of the programs.

For students to practice various specialties such as Physics, Economics, History, Mathematics, Photography, Technology, Health Sciences, among other incredible selections for online education.

Apply on current platforms

Currently, different online training platforms will be organized that will serve as educational support for online study, so that the following are enabled:

It is known for online training platforms with high experience in virtual courses for more than 10 years. They have a wide chain of specialties, which are demonstrated in the approvals of the Antonio Nebrija University regarding the training of students and in the formation of scholarships in students, unemployed, self-employed and subscribers of the Social Network.

2 AFOE. It complies with the initiative of being an educational entity of 2001 that offers different online administration courses, which are organized and taught by public universities and agreements with other institutions. They assign their training to teachers and people with disabilities.

3 University education. They apply online courses for officials, teachers, interns and students who wish to impart their skills to specialties such as Early Childhood Education, Basic Education, among others. This platform has an agreement with the Ministry of Education, the Camilo José Cela University and the Antonio Nebrija University.

4 University of Oberta of Catalonia. Known for its extensive catalog of virtual distance courses and workshops and online training, its specializations are aimed at students and education professionals interested in experiencing trades such as Pedagogical Strategies, Stress Management, and Intelligence for Educators.

5 Somdocents. It is irradiated by its online English courses, which bring together digital skills with teachers, pedagogues, social educators, students and language professionals. Either way, the platform is recognized for the merits of Catalonia and Spain.

6 EdX. An American platform founded by Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Its objective is to offer a variety of completely free online courses, this campus is made up of 2 million users and 50 institutes that allow the formation of 500 educational programs.

Find a course of your choice and access your online training platforms, and make a completely virtual choice.


People who can participate in these online training platforms

Mainly, the students, workers, unemployed or professionals affected the opportunity to obtain an apprenticeship with courses, specializations and educational workshops that are stylized in an online training, in such a way that exercises and classes are offered on platforms that offer video calls, in basis for lectures and discussions regarding the specialty.

In addition, online training platforms will not be spent with an economy for heaven, rather, providing an economic option or even free so that citizens can obtain skills and strengths of the practical and technical content applied in the activities. online.

Titration and importance

In these online training platforms they have the habit of establishing a professional certificate, in order to protect the hours and knowledge learned throughout the course, due to this, students must have the obligation to culminate with an attendance and qualifications with a high amount, in such a way, that it enters professional positions.

Therefore, if you want to understand and enter any of the online training platforms, just register or communicate through their contact numbers +34 934 81 72 72, for example at the University of Oberta of Catalonia they will attend you quickly.