online and distance training


Learn the difference between online and distance training

Many websites maintain basic information on the importance of online and distance training the growth of their education for young and adult Internet users, although users often confuse distance specializations with online specializations and accept their programs for the simplicity of studying. online.

To carefully understand the two types of training, we must be clear that the online word refers to the live connection of a group of people through a virtual platform; while at a distance it is a virtual interaction, but without a campus in the global network.

Knowing this, students and workers can choose to train on one side or the other. Opinion and decision is a testament. The need for education will not be limited. Basically, these programs are developed to facilitate learning with cheap and free prices on registration and teaching materials.

Online training for citizens

First, citizens interested in online training should know that this study is clearly provided at home or anywhere with an Internet connection, simply because the center, university, or institution has a virtual campus that exposes the classes, which contain didactic contents online and distance training explained by professional instructors. .

So those virtual courses are shaped by the virtual campus; the essence of the study resides in them; being the communication with the contents referring to the specialty and the interaction of the students with their classmates and the teacher in charge.

General objective of the online study

In any case, communications in online training will be displayed synchronously or asynchronously. Eventually, asynchronous courses online and distance training are used, where they facilitate work and schedule rhythms with respect to all students, since being synchronous will allow a campus that will keep the student in an online conversation with the other participants.

Simply, the evaluations will be applied with synchronous communications, in chats, forums, debates until a conference. Still, private messaging mode will be the most chosen in online training.


On the other hand, the teaching materials in the online courses will be very diverse activities, which will change to a methodology used by the teacher, so that written documents, videos, group evaluations, debates, dynamic presentations, practical exercises, among others, are generated. other modes administered by the teacher.

Distance training and its difference

By defining the word from a distance, we know its variation with online training, which is made up of the use of virtual platforms. On the other hand, in distance courses the learning campuses will be forgotten and will be carried out through the university or the training center with physical materials or multimedia formats. This means that the student will acquire new knowledge through emails, correspondence, telephone, interactive videos and interactive CDs.

Distance training educational materials

In the same way, the course will go through unique materials for the student, so that they themselves learn self-taught and have the support of the teacher in the queries and doubts of the research collected in its didactic contents.

Finally, online and distance training have the peculiarity of offering a low variation of teaching materials and resources, in which written texts, videos and CDs are presented.

Do you want online or distance training

If this is your question regarding your future teaching, you should understand the probabilities of each one of them, that is why online and distance training will profit in part from the benefit and advantage of the person, which consists of comfort and security to learn.

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