Learn and expand your knowledge at online universities in Chile.

In general, institutions and universities train their students through a face-to-face modality and directed by the specialist teacher of the specific area.

In this way, the person prepares her brain to begin face-to-face classes in the educational center. They will face modern facilities and the demand for schedules every month. Not to mention the excessive cost of public transport for the duration of the classroom course.

An educational system based on online practices

For this reason, online universities listened to the opinions of the student public and decided to innovate a virtual modality and, together with the help of the government, to build clearly remote and online centers for citizens interested in technological and digital specialties.

From now on, the higher education system will adopt virtual professional careers of online universities for people suffering from a weak socioeconomic profile and with homes far from the educational institution.

Given the above, online courses will be the educational solution for university students, all thanks to the implementation of platforms of the same modality.

Online universities in Chile: private and public.

Basically, students who enter these online virtual modalities universities must present their personal profile and legal documentation to support their quota in the online specialization.

It is for this reason, that in the free registrations, the forms allow a document that will add the personal information of those entered, which will be sent to the email of the online institution.

After all, the person interested in knowing these specifications will build up the courage to face their tastes in Chile’s online universities, which are:

Public university in an online field

·         Adventist University Complies with the training of any higher education, only with the difference of its online modality with the initial education courses.

·         Bolivarian University. Known to all Chileans as a state-funded institution, which is renewed with a virtual platform for students, being courses in public administration, commercial engineering, construction, social work, among others.

·         Northern Catholic University. She is responsible for transferring online courses for students and workers in the areas of administration and commerce, social sciences, technology, basic education, among others.


Private universities in online terms

·         UNIACC opens its doors to the virtual facilities of the online platform, offering training courses in the areas of auditor, computer science and information engineering, journalism, administration, among other aspects.

·         The Universidad Mayor will provide online courses with an e-learning method on business administration, pedagogy, public administration, among others.

Free degree from online universities

From now on, the online universities mentioned above, whether private or public, will grant a degree endorsed by the Chilean government and the Ministry of Education, which will be added to the student’s professional growth, specifically in their resume or curriculum. In such a way, that it manages to open doors in professional positions in entities, companies or private and public institutions.

Corresponding enrollments at universities

Support the option of studying in these old universities with new virtual modalities for Chilean and foreign citizens in online universities, all for a professional and prosperous future.

First of all, it will be taken into account that the courses and specializations in the face-to-face universities are focused on a fixed schedule and in long-queue registrations. Meanwhile, online universities apply stipulated dates with free enrollment, where only personal data is placed on an enrollment form and you are ready to send an email to the university.

Firstly, the Universidad Mayor is known for its online studies, in such a way that it will offer its contact number 6003281000 so that Chilean citizens wish to call by free telephone to know certain information or methodological characteristics that are applied in online specializations..